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Happy To Make Your Acquaintance 


Mary Anne’s musical career has taken many twists and turns, as documented in her memoir, “Happy to Make Your Acquaintance,” a musical journey from childhood to the present.

Music & Mary Anne Anderson

She was weaned on Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell songs, and began singing, playing (guitar and autoharp) as a teenager. After graduating from Webster College in St. Louis, she found her way to Europe and traipsed around as an ex-pat “busker” (street singer) for four years. Upon returning to the U.S., Mary Anne found her way to Los Angeles and began a career as a jazz singer and (more notably) a lyricist, collaborating with some heavy-hitters. . . a Milton Nascimento translation; and with composers Milcho Leviev (with a Grammy-nominated tribute to Don Ellis), Steve Kaplan, Bill Mays and more. A trip Brazil landed her a gig in one of Rio’s most prestigious night clubs, “People”.

Beautiful Dreamer & Rendezvous 

Mary Anne has produced two jazz CDs (“Beautiful Dreamer” - with the late Tom Garvin’s arrangements and Jasnam Daya Singh on piano; and “Rendezvous” with famed L.A. guitarist Doug MacDonald.) 

She returned to her folk roots after she met Ames Anderson (who plays guitar, dobro, mandolin and ukelele) and they recorded two CDs together, “Simple Pleasures” and “Musaic.”

Simple Pleasures & Musaic

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Mary Anne’s First Jazz CD shows he lyrical prowess in collaborations with noted composers Milton Nascimento, Milcho Leviev and more. The audio sample includes Track 1, Paris Blues, and Track 8, Doin' A Little Jazz.

Mary Anne’s jazz collaboration with guitarist Doug Mac Donald, including originals and more. The audio track above includes a sample of Track 8 from the CD: I’m Simply Goo Goo Gaa Gaa Over You  Watch the visual sample of Track 3 titled L’Amour est ien Plus Fort Que Nous.

Mary Anne and Ames reveal their folk roots in this first CD, recorded when they first met. This sample includes Tack 8: "French Elvis," a juxtaposition of the songs “Plaisir D’Amour” and “I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You.”

Mary Anne and husband Ames play a bevy of instruments in a variety of styles. Originals and old favorites, as well as a few Hawaiian songs for good measure. This sample includes Track 8: I’ve Fallen into Superficial Love and

Track 10: Mokupuni Nui

Screen Shot 2022-07-06 at 10.06.24 AM.png

Nostalgia in Black and White:
The Music of Bruce Lloyd Kates

Twisted Redux

When It's Over

Mary Anne continues to write songs (and lyrics) and sing, in both Jazz and folk venues, with hopes that live performances will resume soon. 

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